Saturday, 30 August 2014

Iron Man III Charity army: painted and on ebay!

Here's the Iron Man III facebook page, and the ebay listing for the army we painted. Go and check it out and tell all those wealthy friends who are too lazy to paint their own soldiers.

Friday, 18 July 2014

August 16th/17th. Paint your miniatures in a 24 hr marathon for charity! Donate here:

I guess that most of you browsing blogs, like me, do a lot of hooby stuff, so I'd especially love some of the bloggers out there to get involved. And please share our facebook page. 

You can join us at Firestorm Games in Cardiff, or you can paint from home. Be sure to tell us what you are painting and get some pics taken of the finished work. Here's a summary:

1/ A 24 hour painting marathon for charity. Save the Children works in 120 countries (inc. the UK) mainly in South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa -

2/ Paint soldiers for yourself or contribute to painting an army for auctioning off. Each participant raises £10+ or does a stint on the charity army at Firestorm Games. You pledge to paint a project set by you. It may be a unit of figures, it may be 60 hoplites. Whatever. Get some family members to sponsor you. Chuck some money in yourself.

3/ If you can't make it, set yourself a painting target and get it done at home. Chuck your £10+ in or gain sponsorship.

4/ August 16/17th. Start time 12 noon.

So please dig deep and donate now.

Monday, 7 July 2014

A big playtesting session for (working title) Rules of Engagement: Iron Cross. We played a meeting engagement on a very large (five 6'x4' tables) with German and British forces contesting several objectives around the village of Cuverville. Some more pics and AAR over on the faceache page:

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Last week saw Red Star in a convincing 3-1 win over High Elf rivals, Haughty & Naughty in preparation for the FUC Cup tie against Rob West's Dwarf team, Pynk Panthers.

With aal the special inducement rules for FUC Cup games, Rob ended up with Flint Churnblade, Boomer Eziasson and 3 cards. I got 2 cards. My 12 Elves would be up against 14 Dwarves (okay, with his Death Roller Rob had 3 secret weapons), but Pynk Panthers had achieved the mighty record of 1 draw and 2 defeats in his three league games so far. If he could beat me up early he'd have a decent chance but Red star's 12th man (the fans) had a key part to play in the match...

I chose to kick off.and Flint got to work on my commandante (team captain), Fidel Castro, with the chainsaw. I needed the apothecary for this encounter... The kck was good and trapped the little feckers on the right hand flank. He got the ball but a one dice blitz by Marwoun Barghouti wrestled the runner down and spilled the ball into the crowd.

The drunken yobbos that follow the Panthers were no match for the silky grace of the Red Star fans who booted the football deep, deep into the Panthers endzone. The chase was on as 2 catchers and a blitzer blocked of any route for the Panthers team.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Red Star Bassaleg in thriller in Bellend Conference opener

My Pro Elves vs Alun's Norse. Alun's a great player, very experienced with Woodies and Norse, although I have the edge over him having won 3 of our last 4 meetings, including a 4-0 and 5-0.

It's 2-1 to Red Star, turn 7 of the second half. I have just had my 7th go and now it's his. What follows is Rimmer-esque in style but it is the biggest crazy bullsh1t move I have seen in a long time, if not ever.

So, he blitzes and knocks down my catcher who is about to score. His thrower performs the following sequence:

a/ go for it
b/ pick up the ball (no sure hands)
c/ declare long bomb - because of the sun, the pass will succeed on a 6 but a score of 1-4 is a fumble
d/ my lineman fails to intercept (5+)
e/ after a reroll, he gets a 5+ for the pass; inaccurate
f/ the ball lands on his feckin' runner
g/ needing a 4+ to catch, he rolls it

He'd intercepted with a werewolf early in the first half and scored against the run of play, injuring a player on the way for 7SPP's in one go. Final score 2-2. Jammy git.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

W.A.N.C. Conference Draws

Our first WANC regular season match will be against Thor's Mighty Bellend on Thursday, Oct 10th. Top 2 are guaranteed a play-off spot, so it's going to be tough!|

Bellend Conference
South Pontyridd ANC - Dark Elf
Haughty and Naughty - High Elf
Thor's Mighty Bellend - Norse
Red Star Bassaleg - Elf

This is the Group of Death (esp. for Haughty & Naughty) as three coaches have won 5 of the last 6 WANC's (plus 2 runners-up) and 13 conference championships! Can Chris Tempest get anything out of this sh*t storm he finds himself in?

Ass Whoopers Conference
Brecon Hammerers - Dwarf
Pulp Fikshun - Orc
Howling Owls - Human
Ratspike Rovers - Skaven
Reptile Dysfunction - Lizardmen

Brecon Hammerers are the current Ass Whoopers champions and the Howling Owls coach was WANC runner-up last season and won the Ass Whoopers two seasons ago. Pulp Fikshun's coach won the Yam Tarts conference in 2011. These three think that they'll be fighting for the top places but don't discount Ratspike Rovers who raised a few eyebrows with their 4-1 battering of H&N in the FUC Cup.

Workers' Solidarity Conference
Crowley's Pub Team - Human
The Woodpeckers - Wood Elf
Da Mek Boyz - Orc
Pynk Panthers - Dwarf

The Woodpeckers' coach boasts a WANC runner-up and an Ass Whoopers title and Mek Boyz coach has a Bellend title on his mantlepiece.
F.U.C. Preliminary Round

Ratspike Rovers 4 (2) Haughty and Naughty 1 (1)
Casualties 2-0Most impressive performance of the night was Ratspike's demolition of H&N. "Lightning" Steve is the rat to watch (an AG5 Gutter Runner!).

Thor's Mighty Bellend 0 Crowley's Pub Team 2 (1)Casualties 2-3The biggest upset saw former two-time Bellend Conference champions TMB humbled by Crowley's Pub Team.

South Pontyridd ANC 2 (1) The Mek Boys 1 (0)Casualties 0-3
Pyrrhic victory of the night belongs to SPANC who held on for the win but have 3 players out for the next match and will have to replace them with journeymen.

Howling Owls 2 (1) Red Star Bassaleg 3 (1) After Extra Time
Casualties 2-1

Most exciting match of the day saw Red Star Bassaleg quick off the mark pressuring the Owls' on the kick off. The Humans were clearly nervous and formed a decent defensive line to cover butter-fingered thrower, Gunter. With the stadium buzzing, Gunter mishandled the ball allowing Red Star to steal the ball and Che Guevara's quick pass to Marwan Barghouti. On scoring, the crowd went nuts and there was more violence in the stands than on the pitch. A deep kick for the next drive forced the Owls back again, but some daring play by Omslag allowed Chutty to batter his way through to equalise. The second half saw Red Star pin the Owls well into their own half, fearful of the Elves' quick and agile play, not to mention a very exciteable Red Star crown in the other half! Passing the ball ably, Red Star worked the ball to Barghouti once again for the second TD. This was late in the game and the Owls had one shot with no room for errors. A sneaky, swift attack down the right with a fat dollop of jam allowed Seth to scramble a last minute, desperate leveller.

It was the crowd that was the key in extra time. At the kick off, the Red Star fans battered the Owls (6 stunned!) as the ball landed on the scrimmage line. Only one Owl was in range of the ball and, after he fluffed it, Fidel Castro rounded off a superb performance by winning the match! Great game and very open. Red Star had three players advance a level and hired a medical team.